Belleza Gen.X Event

For the entire month of October, Belleza will debut its newest female body, the Gen.X!
But it won’t appear alone: exclusives for the body have been curated from over 100 of the finest designers in SL and will be immediately available at the body’s launch!
For the duration of the event, you will find original accessories, apparel, shoes, skins, and tattoos for Gen.X – both on AND off of the event sim! Because once you’ve shopped ’til you drop at the event sim of over 80 creators, and in case you get the “you know what? I need MORE exclusives”-itch, there will be exclusives off-sim too, at the mainstores of more than 20 choice creators!

Belleza’s Gen.X is the newest generation of Belleza mesh bodies, and with its release, they are pushing the mesh market forward! Gen.X will include all the features Belleza is known for, along with some new and exciting ones:
So far, we already know some of the features that will be included with Belleza Gen.X Classic & Curvy bodies:
• BOM & Body alphas
• 3 Nipple Shapes with HD options
• 5 Nail Shapes
• Full customizable materials
• And what truly brings the X to Gen.X … a fully animated vagina!!!
These are just some of the features of this new generation of bodies, … can’t wait to find out the rest!

For more information, please visit:

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