Jungle retreat


Featured items:

(Milk Motion) jungle retreat @ UBER

22769 – Hanging Plants
[CIRCA] “AZIZA” Moroccan Ottoman – Alum / Colours (26 pos)
[CIRCA] “AZIZA” – Hanging Fern Set
[CIRCA] “AZIZA” – Planter Collection / In Naturals
[CIRCA] “Lavelle” – Planter Set – Fern & Peace Lily
[CIRCA] “Nahla” House Plants Set – Pots 1 – Tropical
[CIRCA] “Nahla” House Plants Set – Pots 1 – Exotic Mix
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage – Ivory White
+Half-Deer+ Cozy Stringlights
ISON – hanging lamp (gold)
junk. birdcage candle. three.
Kalopsia – Lace Curtains
MudHoney Piper Rug Cream
MudHoney Jerry Side Table – Gold
Soy. Dreamy Hanging Chair
Trompe Loeil – Marisol Chair Tan PG
Trompe Loeil – Marisol Couch Tan PG



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