GENUS Project Bento Head is out!


Genus Project inworld store is open and the Genus Project Bento Mocap head is out!

The Head is divided by “Faces” (types of model appearance). Right now, there are 2 faces are available: the Classic Face (the face we, beta testers, were already familiar with) and the Baby Face (a new sweet face in town!).

The head comes with an Animation HUD with animations, expressions, static lips, eyes and brow positions and talk animations. The Animation HUD is still a WIP and will soon be updated with more features and bug fixes.

Other exciting news is that there is a new “smart DEMO system” at the mainstore that allows you to wear the head and to see how it will look on you after the purchase, without any demo marks (but beware it will be possible only on the mainstore location). You will also be able to test the Animation HUD using the pose stands located in the GENUS mainstore.

And the greatest surprise of all: everybody who previously purchased the BETA head, will not only receive the updated Classic Face but also the Baby Face through the redelivery absolutely for FREE!!!

Thank you so much The GENUS Project team for your generosity!!! <3


What I’m wearing:

Bento Mesh Head:

(1) & (3) GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.4 – Mocap

(2) & (4) GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face  W001 – v1.4 – Mocap

Head/Skin Applier:

(1) DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for Genus Heads *Valeska* European + DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for Genus MU *Mono Lid*

(2) GENUS Skin Applier /ELENA – HONEY/

(3) Egozy.Madison (Tan)

(4) DeeTaleZ *Appliers* for Genus Heads *Viktoria* Mixedtype


(1 to 4) AG. Glossy Eyes – Omega Applier @ Powder Pack for Lelutka Nov’18


(1) tram G0613 hair

(2) Bold & Beauty :: Hair :: Mia.

(3) [monso] My Hair – Samantha (type B)

(4) tram H0928 hair2


(1 to 4) [DDL] Denim Dress Jumper (Blue) @ HARAJUKU Event



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