Featured items available @ The Epiphany

Pixicat– Darkness

-Pixicat- Darkness.Room RARE
-Pixicat- Darkness.Couch
-Pixicat- Darkness.Lamp nr1 to 4
-Pixicat- Darkness.Painting Big nr1&2
-Pixicat- Darkness.Painting Small nr1&2
-Pixicat- Darkness.Hand nr1&2

Featured items available @ TLC

[ETNIA]  Witches’ Corner

ETNIA Witches’ Corner – Altar Table
ETNIA Witches’ Corner – Altar Mirror
ETNIA Witches’ Corner – Zodiac Hand
ETNIA Witches’ Corner – Skelleton Lamp

[Merak] – Modern Witch’s Belongings

[Merak] – Modern Witch Shrine
[Merak] – Modern Witch Books
[Merak] – Witch’s Drink {Rezz}
[Merak] – Decorative Witch Plate
[Merak] – Modern Witch Candles
[Merak] – Modern Witch Sign

Other items:

(Milk Motion) velvet stool – grey
(Milk Motion) velvet rug – grey




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