Meet Kathy!


CATWA has just released a new Bento mesh head called Kathy!

Kathy like the other Bento heads can be shaped as you want using the appearance shape body and shape brows sliders!

Kathy comes with 2 talk animations, 6 default lips and 4 default eyes, and 24 animations for you to play with!


Other Credits:

Head/Skin Appliers:

(1st) Insol: face Candy (CATWA), ST03 ‘Peach’

(2nd) Bold & Beauty :: Taylor (Catwa Applier) – Fair.

(3rd) Egozy.Kamilla (Fair)


(1st) mimpi* hair-33 / light brown @ The Project Se7en

(2nd) lock&tuft – boom (FLF)

(3rd) tram G0310 hair @ UBER


.euphoric ~Eftelya Eyes 2[Catwa Applier]

Mesh Ears:

[PUMEC] – Mesh Ears #3


Ricielli – Ella Top (Extra Straps) @ Cosmopolitan




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