CATWA HEAD Kimberly (Bento)


CATWA just released a new Bento mesh head called Kimberly!

Kimberly like other Bento heads (like Catya) can be shaped as you want using the appearance shape body and shape brows sliders!

Kimberly comes with 2 talk animations, 6 default lips and 4 default eyes, and 24 animations for you to play with!

Here’s an example of a few of them:

As you may notice, when comparing Kimberly to the previous bento head (Catya), Kimberly has a more detailed face shape and can look a lot more mature then Catya did – here’s a little example using the exact same shape and appliers on both heads:

Do try her out! I hope you’ll fall in love with her as much as I did!


Other credits:

Skin Appliers:

1st pic: (on left) DeeTaleZ *Face Donna* MIXEDTYPE (on middle) Belleza– Callie Catwa Applier Medium (on right) Bold & Beauty :: Taylor (Catwa Applier) – Light Fair. @ UBER 

2nd and 3rd pic: Insol: face Alena, ST ‘Cinnamon’ @ UBER


.euphoric ~Kenya & Kenya 2 eyes


1st pic: (on left) /Wasabi Pills/ Fleur Mesh Hair@ UBER  (on middle) Vanity Hair :Covet @ Shiny Shabby (on right) [monso] My Hair – Melisa @ UBER

2nd and 3rd pic: tram G0106 hair


~Tableau Vivant~ \\ Catwa HB @ Kustom9


#EVANI -Bamboo dress @ TRES CHIC




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