Meet Kori!

Catwa has just released a new mesh head called Kori!

Kori is available as a Static Head, meaning there are no animations addons. But the good news is that Kori comes in 5 lip options: closed lips and 4 parted lips! So basically you’ll get 5 static heads in one pack!

Kori is available for 400L$ but if you wear the group tag you’ll get 100L$ credit!

For more information please visit Catwa’s website.


Pic Credits:

Head/Skin Appliers:

Glam Affair – Calliope – America | Insol: Marcela – Copper | DeeTaleZ *Octavia* EUROPEAN | amara beauty – Foxy – peach | L’Etre Skin Shop – Megan [Cotton Tone]


little bones. Tonic 2.0 | little bones. Callista @ UBER | [monso] My Hair – Yua_S /Mixed @ UBER | #Foxy – Smitten Kitten. @ TCF | [monso] My Hair – Sohyun /Mixed @ Kustom9


Rebel Gal x Parker :: Kelsey Outfit. @ Versus



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