LeLutka is releasing (on Dec. 22nd) a new mesh head called Simone!

The Lelutka Simone head will be realeased as a “Special Edition” so it already comes with 1.4 version head!

The 1.4 Update includes :

• Faster script time on communications between the features of the product.

• Lower load for the mesh, giving you a faster rezzing time, and decreasing your mesh impact to yourself and others.

• Blend/Mask mode for eyelashes (information on website)

It also comes with new expressions:

• Added new sultry/bored eyes option in expressions section of HUD.

• replaced closed mouth smile, half smile and lip bite with kiss, sneer, lick

• And added new gestures to incorporate the new facial expressions: Kiss :* Lick :p Sad :( Smile :) or :D Sneer :s Suprised/Mad :O


I’m also wearing:

1st Pic

Hair: *Dura* x’mas group hunt-(white)

Necklace: MINIMAL – Swift Necklace Gold @ Shiny Shabby

Fur Coat: Mimikri – Fur Jacket / Alba red @ Tres Chic

2nd Pic:

Hair: .LeLutka.Alma hair

Sweater: MURRAY– Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater


3 thoughts on “Lelutka–Simone

  1. The new expressions look great, but I’m sad that they come as replacements instead of additions. The closed mouth smile was a nice way to alleviate too much resting bitch face. Not all of us want to be pouty.

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