Meet Alex!

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Alex is the new male mesh head from Genesis Lab. available @ Cosmopolitan event!

Alex is available in available in 4 tones (cream, cappuccino, latte and toffee). It comes with mesh ears, mesh eyes, base skin and skin appliers (for slink hands&feet). It also comes with lots of options: 4 color eyebrows  (2 types – regular and cut shaved), 4 color hairbases and 3 shaved hairbases, 8 color eyes, 3 mole options, 2 freckles options and 2 scars, 5 face tattoos and 2 eye paints, 4 color beards and 3 type of shaves, all available through the HUD:



2 thoughts on “Meet Alex!

    Meet Alex! - Second Life Bloggers said:
    July 6, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    […] Source: Meet Alex! […]

    […] Hello Kitty-readers! I’ve not written a long, rambling blog-post in ages but get ready, because there’s one coming up right now.  I wanted to share some thoughts on the latest must-have item that has got the grid trembling with excitement, the GENESIS LABS ALEX MESH HEAD. […]

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