Belleza Mesh Body update!

Belleza has released this past weekend an update of their Venus Mesh Body, but not just a little update, but a MAJOR update with many many new features and 2 new body shapes!!! So, if you own this body, the updates have been sent out but if you didn’t get it for some reason you should visit Belleza and click “Redelivery” on the info board to deliver the update, and if you don’t own this body already, NOW it is the time to demo it and you’ll probably end up getting it! :D

Besides the update on Venus (the classic body), now there are 2 more shape bodies: Isis (more detailed body) and Freya (more curvy body). Each body is fitted mesh and your own shape’s nuances will effect how you look.

Here’s a comparison on the 3 new bodies (wearing the same shape):

Besides the new body shapes there are lots of the features with this update (you can read more about it here):

  • New skin texture

  • Skin color picker (now you can use one of the skin presets and tint it to fit the skin you’re wearing in case you don’t have a skin applier for it!)

  • Skin effects/materials (will affect shininess and bumpiness)

  • Many additional alpha cuts (now its so much easier to wear your mesh clothes with it!)

  • Alpha save slots

  • Alpha Auto-Hide Option for Creators to add onto their clothing
  • New neck sizing with improved neck sheath (The neck is sized based off of your avatar’s body fat)

  • Additional breast option (now there are 3 types of breats: Natural, Perky, or Push-up)

  • Blend/mask mode for clothing appliers

  • Socks/gloves on all body layers

  • Clothing layer with alpha cuts

  • Texture refresh options

  • Hands/feet SL UVS

  • New nail shapes (short, mid, long, point and none)

And there’s also a new feature added: The Wardrobe HUD! A great add on that will allow you to keep a “wardrobe” full of your applier clothing and quickly view/apply them – read about it here.


I’m also wearing in the pictures:

Skin: Belleza – Claudia (sk)

Hair: little bones. Queen @ Uber | little bones. Shadowplay @ N.21 | CATWA HAIR Leah @ Cosmopolitan | little bones. Sparrow @ N.21

Lingerieerratic / fiona – lingerie (OMEGA appliers)


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