EVE’olution Mesh Head

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EVE has released a new mesh head called EVE’olution head! It was released has a beta version and for that reason it is available for 50% OFF (for beta time) but with updates for life! So NOW it’s the best time to get it! :D

The EVE’olution mesh head comes with 3 base skins (shown on 1st picture), each in 6 tones and 3 color eyebrows and 8 color hairbases: EVE olution head HUD 1 The HUD also comes with several makeup options: 7 Eyeliners, 10 Eyeshadows, 10 lipsticks, 6 types of Eyelashes, and all are Tintable! : EVE olution head HUD 2 The EVE’olution mesh head comes with a blink eyes feature and is compatible with OMEGA appliers (with the [LNL] Omega System Kit – Eve), so I tried a couple of skins I had that came with Omega Head appliers: On the 1st (left) picture I’m wearing Lumae :: Omega Head : Jewel – T5 – Amber // Ocean and on the 2nd (right) picture I’m wearing Elysium – [LNL] Omega Applier – Head for Anja skin – chai freck. I was very happy how these skins looked in this head! Can’t wait to get more appliers for it!

I’ve tried out the head with the EVE Mesh Body (v.8.4), with the default SL system avatar body and with the Maitreya Lara Body and it fits perfectly in all!

Another great feature of this head is the ability to change its shape: you can change the Head Size, the Head Stretch and Head Length! This will help you fit your personality and give it a bit more originality, but specially this is very useful for you to tweek it to fit all kind of mesh hairs you have!

And, because this is a beta version, here is my personal wishes for future updates:

  • I wish the Neck alpha would be optional (at the moment you can’t remove the alpha so when wearing different skins – using omega appliers for example – you have to tint this part in order to match it, and if you’re wearing a mesh body this alpha isn’t necessary at all in my opinion and I would be happy to be able to remove it!)
  • I really like the blink option because it makes it more “real” but for photography purposes or when you want to wear other lashes you own it would be great to have a “stop blink” option!
  • I would also like to have a “Ears off” option so I could wear other mesh ears with it.
  • Finally, it would also be nice to have some expression features : like open mouth or close eyes.

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