The Captain’s Cabin

Featured items available @ Summerfest’14:
llorisen // cabana blanca
PILOT – Coastal Bookshelf [Blue] | Nautical Shade [Blue Stripe & Blue Anchor] | Coastal Sofa Table [Blue] | Nautical Piling Candles | Coral Decor [White] | The Ugly Pelican – Decor
floorplan. sailor’s chair & pillow / white+navy | sailor’s chair / white+navy | sailor’s sofa / stripes | captain’s hanging lantern / pewter | captain’s desk lantern / pewter | captain’s sideboard / blue | hanging oars | captain’s coffee table / blue | sailor stripe rug | jute baskets | navy tattoo prints | nautical map frame
Other items:
Sway’s [Breakfast around the World] Liverpool.UK RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Event
MudHoney Zelia Books @ The Arcade Gacha Event
[ARIA] Raquel vase with Lilacs | Nikka small succulent plants | Nikka deco old books
junk. birdcage candle. two.



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