Meet Faith!

Faith is the new skinline from [PXL] Creations.
Faith comes in 8 tones : Pale, Natural, SunKissed, LightTan, Olive, Tanned, Dark  and Ebony. I’m wearing the Olive tone in the pictures. Each tone comes with 3 body styles with a small breast effect and cleavage enhancement (normal and pushup) and 3 eyebrows colors: Light , Medium & Dark. Also a regular hairbase and buzzcut hairbase tattoo, with and without freckles and a tattoo for full-body freckles.  
Faith has 15 lipstick colors and 11 eyeshadows on tattoo layers that you can purchase individually or in self-designed fatpacks to mix and match as you wish! Here are some of my own favourite mixes:
And very importante notice: [PXL] is having a flickr contest for those who wear this skin! Read all about it here! I’m sure you don’t want to miss this oportunity :)
Hope you’ll like Faith as much as I do! Try her @ [PXL] Creations
Also wearing in pic:
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Eloise”
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Mango”
/Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair
Tank Tops and Lingerie:
*REDGRAVE* – MESH – Loose-Tanktop Butterfly – Magenta (@marketplace)
*REDGRAVE* – MESH – Loose-Tanktop Vintage – Dark (@marketplace)




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